Vulnerable Ghosts (イジケモンスター Izikemonsuta), also referred to as Blue Ghosts, Scaredys or TURN-TO-BLUE, is the form that Ghosts take when a Pac-Person eats a Power Pellet.


While the ghost is blue, the Pac-Man is able to eat him, in which his eyes will pop out; he will regenerate after entering the Ghost Home in the center of the Maze.

The blue effect will wear off rather quickly, and will start to flash white when it is about to. In the original arcade Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man, the ghost will flash between white and blue states exactly nine times; this is shortened to four times on later levels, and eventually the effect wears off entirely. This is different in some home console ports (like the NES version of Pac-Man, where it flashes sixteen times).

Eating ghosts will award the player points. These are the scores earned by eating ghosts in succession:

  • 1 in succession - 200 points.
  • 2 in succession - 400 points.
  • 3 in succession - 800 points.
  • 4 in succession - 1600 points.

In some later Pac-Man titles where more ghosts can appear at once, these scores can also be earned:

  • 5 in succession - 3200 points.
  • 6+ in succession - 7650 points.

The rather random-seeming score of 7650 is actually a Japanese "Goroawase" wordplay on Namco (7=na, 6=mu, 5=ko, forming "Namuko").


  • In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, four Mr. Game and Watches represent this form for a spirit battle. They tend to stay away from the player, referencing how the Ghosts tend to keep their distance from a Pac-Person who eats Power Pellets near them. This is a timed battle, referencing how ghosts will revert to their aggressive forms after a while.
  • Getting 3,200 points by eating ghosts was first in Pac-Man Plus by eating a prize that appears below the Ghost House and eating all 4 ghosts.


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