"It seems that all of the others have understimated you. I will not make that mistake, for I am the Wormwood, the evil tree of Ghost Island!"
— Wormwood, Pac-Man World 2

Wormwood is the secondary antagonist of Pac Man World 2 that appears as a boss in the level Ghost Bayou. He is the evil brother of the Golden Fruit Tree. He was given the task of keeping Pac Man busy if he made it to him while Spooky did away with Pac Land. He claimed his maze would keep Pac Man busy long enough for Spooky to deal with Pac Land and fences off the correct pathway. When Pac Man makes it through the grim maze he is given the task to defeat Wormwood’s skeletal minions before the sands of time run out, meaning he will die if he doesn’t succeed in a certain amount of time. He is asked to defeat the skeletons twice. Wormwood dies and his fire burns out after his two challenges are completed.

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