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Yum-Yum (レンレン Ren-Ren) is the daughter of Blinky. She is also the girlfriend of Jr. Pac-Man.


Jr. Pac-Man

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Yum-Yum appears in the cutscenes of Jr. Pac-Man. She and Junior fell in love with each other, but Blinky does not allow them to be together. After catching Jr. Pac-Man giving Yum-Yum a balloon, Blinky chased him down, trying to attack him; luckily the two escaped together, surrounded by hearts.


Yum-Yum looks like a smaller version of Blinky, but with what appears to be either a white bow or rabbit ears on her head. In some console versions, it appears to be another propeller beanie like Junior's.


Yum-Yum on the Namco Arcade website, circa 2004

  • Yum-Yum is the first instance of a friendly, non-hostile Ghost within the Pac-Man universe.
  • It is unknown who Yum Yum’s mother is.
  • Due to legal circumstances, Yum-Yum never made any future appearances since her debut, outside of a very tiny cameo on the Namco Arcade website in 2004, and one implied mention in a Namco-licensed Bravoman web comic.[1]


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